Shipping, cargo & more

To meet import/export contractual obligations

Whether treating foodstuffs or other commodities, to meet import/export contractual obligations or quarantine requirements, we have the technology to provide the fast and efficient services you require.

We can, for example, arrange in-transit fumigation of containers from many destinations to any EC country, which are not only efficient but also meet the increasingly stringent safety and residue requirements of international trade.

Insect, rodent & hygiene control systems

Many companies claim to provide these services to warehouses and other situations. However, IMFO's specialist service to cargo ships and cruise liners ensures safety, efficiency and the lowest effective use of pesticides. From de-ratting a ship, controlling cockroaches in the galley or food store hygiene measures, IMFO has the answer.

The widest ranging services

IMFO can deal with every aspect of the infestation business. And as we are dedicated to developing all our services we are also committed to providing the highest levels of quality. We do it because it is in our best interests as well as yours. By delivering treatments at the greatest possible value we are giving you the best reasons to work with us every time.

Consultancy services

Within IMFO we have experienced and expert consultants who can assist with resolving any problems associated with fumigation or post harvest pest control anywhere in the world.