Risk management

When facing fumigation of cargo you should always consider the potential risks:

Will the type of fumigation treatment/method be acceptable to quarantine or other regulatory authorities in both the exporting and importing country?

Every ship Master faces this dilemma, as the quarantines at the load and the discharge ports may place different requirements towards the fumigated cargo. Thanks to its database and availability of members in many different countries, IMFO can provide customers with cost effective port-to-port service and consultation whenever needed.

Could the fumigant be badly applied, resulting in excessive pesticide residue, damaged cargo and poor insect control?

IMFO members aim at developing common and improved standards of efficacy and safety for marine fumigation, as high levels of quality and safety are in our mutual interests with the customer.

Could unsafe procedures be used, resulting in illness, injury or death among the ship's crew or other workers?

Application of fumigants requires strict compliance with the corresponding safety instructions not only issued by the fumigant producer, but also with the regulations of international bodies. Members of the IMFO group use progressive and safe technology carefully choosing the method and dosage of fumigant application, in conformity with the “safety first” principle.

Is the fumigation company you use adequately insured?

In addition to adequate insurance IMFO members provide safety and efficiency to customers acting as the international team of fumigators. This way each IMFO member is insured at least twice.

Brief calculation


  • Minimum of 3 days at destination
    Total cost around USD 200,000
  • Re Fumigation

  • Cost of refumigation for quarantine purposes between USD 0.80 and U$S 1/ton.
    Total cost around USD 50,000
  • * Port fees

    * Extra Fees

    * Loss of cargo´s value

    related to the specific case