We can provide unrivalled expertise

  • To develop common and improved standards of efficacy and safety for marine fumigation.

  • To develop an international group of independent companies that would enable its members to provide the option of guaranteed fumigation to their customers, by controlling the fumigation at both load and discharge port.

  • It has been a relatively slow and difficult process to bring together the various requirements and procedures under the one banner of IMFO. We are now proud to be able to say that we can provide unrivalled expertise and know-how, together with value for money fumigation in most parts of the world.

    Whether your requirement is for an individual treatment or a group contract, just contact your local IMFO member or our head office in the UK, and we will be pleased to attend to your needs.

    IMFO aims at

    World-wide standards for the eradication of stored product insects in all stages of infestation by in-transit fumigation whether in bulk, bagged or containerised cargoes.

    World-wide coordinated service of efficient, safe, guaranteed results in accordance with the United Nations International Maritime Organisations (IMO) recommendations.

    Whichever service is performed by the members of IMFO group we keep up to the principles of:

  • Safety first: We work strictly in compliance with the United Nations recommendations and our more stringent requirements in high risks situations. We can arrange a guarantee of safety
  • Efficiency: Our network of companies ensures that fumigation is controlled from load to discharge.
  • Economy: With our range of treatment options, you can select a treatment to the level of guarantee you require:
    1. Fumigation at load port

    2. Fumigation at load port and ventilation at discharge port

    3. Fumigation at load port and ventilation at discharge port including written discharge report and full warranty

  • Availability:
  • Our international perspective means we can arrange in-transit fumigation almost anywhere in the world.