The intention to act world-widely

The IMFO Group was formed in 1994 by four companies based in Denmark, France, Spain and the UK who were all involved in ship fumigation. Starting right from the next year the organisation starvted growing steadily admitting up to three new members almost every year.

From the very beginning the IMFO Group was demonstrating the intention to act world-widely and accept national fumigation companies from all regions of the world provided they performed services according to high-quality standards.

The organisation expantion

The organisation exceeded the bounds of Western Europe on the second year of its existence having admitted members from Latin America and the USA. In 1996 IMFO came to Asia and Africa granting membership to fumigation companies in India and South Africa. The same year Canada joined the Group. Later on New Zealand and Ukraine followed.

1999 was also a breakthrough reinforcing IMFO with members from Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia. The new millennium was marked by acceptance of new members from Turkey, Italy, Argentina, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Brazil.

There are no limits for the acceptance of new members to IMFO Group except for one limitation that the member of IMFO can only be a national fumigation company. And though IMFO's main objective is to improve standards of maritime fumigation, the members of the Group also perform a wide variety of other fumigation services.

All IMFO member-companies have combined their efforts to provide expertise and specialist teams to the international cereals and commodity traders.

Making the voice of each member

The organization is currently run and administered by the Board of Directors, Chairman and General Manager. Members and directors are in constant contact with each other.

All IMFO member-companies enjoy the advantages of acting as an international group or one international fumigation company making the voice of each member heard all over the world.

Among the advantages of being a part of international organisation is the access to the best technical data and procedures from across the world, as well as the opportunity to market your services to international shippers with the knowledge that you have reliable and trustworthy partners in other parts of the world allowing you to propose a more comprehensive and guaranteed treatment.

The IMFO approach to in-transit fumigation is in strict compliance with the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations.
Today it is almost impossible for one fumigation organisation to meet all requirements of quarantines at load and discharge ports and safety standards without a proper data base and assistance from the receiving party.

The members of IMFO Group in many countries of the world provide each other with the necessary assistance and consultation this way placing at our clients' disposal cost effective service of fumigation at load port with ventilation at discharge port and full warranty.